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Silver Teasing Comb

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Everyone needs a chrome comb in their life.

The ultimate tease. This comb is perfect for back combing at the root of the hair to create major volume, with the help of the picks and the narrow head making root work and creating volume easy. This comb will always leave a smooth, luxurious finish. Prepare to fall in love with this teasing comb, not only a statement piece to have, but extremely effective. 

Please note: This comb has been made with galvanised chrome - meaning it is not just a varnish. However as with all fine jewellery, this comb will naturally and slowly tarnish. To bring back its original lustre and shine, simply polish using an appropriate soft cloth and cleaning agent. If you do not have any gold jewellery polish, toothpaste works wonders!

Janeke: Made in Italy since 1830

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