Mizutani Acro Yuragi M Zero - Thinning – Cherry Birch
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Mizutani Acro Yuragi M Zero - Thinning-Scissors-Cherry Birch

Mizutani Acro Yuragi M Zero - Thinning

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No stress and no damage to hair.

The ACRO YURAGI, our most popular thinning scissors, are known for their “settling” ability. These non-damaging and non-stress thinning scissors are scientifically researched and have been developed to perfectly fulfil their unique purpose. The secret of their popularity lies in their soft cut and smooth withdrawal from the hair. In order to avoid damage and optimise the amount of hair that is cut, we’ve designed a stairway-like shape into the point of the comb blade. Because this small blade at the point of the comb blade rolls the hair as it cuts it, the YURAGI achieves a natural settling feel. For users whose hands get tired, we’ve also adopted a handle design that prevents wrist/carpal tunnel issues. And in response to numerous requests, we’ve also included off set handles.

  • This model makes for “fine and nice blending” of hair.
  • They are outstanding smooth thinning scissors, and do not leave any noticeable cut lines.
  • The ergonomically designed handles also create no strain for your hand.


Recommended thinning scissors for slight tuning and texture control of perm styles for lower percentage cuts.
Material:  Cobalt Alloy Extramarise II
Adjustment System: Disk Driver
Suitable for: Thinning
Number of Teeth: 21
Cut Ratio: 10%  
Scissor Type: Thinning
Hand: Right hand only
Handle Type: Level
Width: 8.00
Height: 22.00
Depth: 1.00

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