Colorcare Reanimation Pack 500ml – Cherry Birch
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Colorcare Reanimation Pack 500ml-Haircare-Cherry Birch

Colorcare Reanimation Pack 500ml

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A mask that re-hydrates and nourishes hair that has been chemically
treated or damaged. Enriches the fibre and protein of the hair without
weighing down. Tones the hair, making it soft, glossy and giving new
life to the hair colour.

                               MADE IN ITALY


Each COLORCARE formulation contains precious ingredients to nourish,

hydrate, illuminate and strengthen.

• Rice oil: known also as rice bran oil or health oil, it is extracted from the

germ and the inner husk of rice, and it has nourishing, protective and

mosturizing properties.

• Aloe vera: its soothing properties are especially suitable for hair and

scalp treatments.

• Tomato extract: it contains flavonoids, carotenoids, sugars, vitamins B

and C, with astringent and refreshing properties.

• Grape extract: with anti-oxidant and decongesting properties.

Elgon is environment-friendly, because for the COLORCARE line, it

chooses PE packagings, disposable in the most wide-spread plants in the

world. PE keeps the products’ qualities intact, and is therefore a further

guarantee for customers.


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