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George Wolfenbear

George Wolfenbear embodies the urban beardsmen, has a pedigree born of old world aristocratic charm blended with instinctively primal characteristics. George revels in uniting all of his bearded brothers to rise up against beard oppression and revive the bearded spirit, long believed to live within all men.

With great beard comes great responsibility.

George Wolfenbear delivers beardsmen a range of premium artisan beard oils (keep an eye out for our soon to launch beard balms and moustache waxes) that are all natural and handcrafted in small batch here in the Hunter Valley Australia.

The range provides beardsmen with the tools to create a fine beard worthy of recognition.

George prides himself on using only the finest ingredients, organic where possible; affording the discerning man and admiring woman every opportunity to experience what is the refined bearded man.

George Wolfenbear's unique combination of natural botanical oils (for the love of beard) will not only soften and make your beard easier to style but will increase lustre like the early morning sparkle off an alpine mountain stream. Each drop delivers a storm of moisture to both your beard and face in a way even King Neptune himself would be proud of.

Some say that the shear lady seducing; imparted masculine aroma delivered by the inclusion of natural essential oils such as Australian Sandalwood, Australian Blue Cypress, Cedarwood, Australian Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Clove and Frankincense are reason alone to use George Wolfenbear’s range.